No, we rebuild your motor, make the case white, and add new stickers. Motor will look and perform like new.

If your motor is bad, please call us for repair pricing before sending. There will be an additional charge to rebuild your motor first if it is repairable and add new parts, so it can be made into a White Lightning Motor. If motor is unrepairable and you would like it back, you will have to pay $125 for labor and return shipping.

“Secret recipe”
“Ancient secret”
“A little bit of this and a little bit of that”

Yes, about 10%, we are building you a speed motor. Adding a controller will give you a net of 25% more torque with our motor.

1 year limited warranty. We have strict guidelines on customers over working the motors and being careless.

The simple answer is no! You will need an upgraded controller, wires, and solenoid upgrade to perform on hilly areas, inclines, etc.

Yes! Surprising that 2-5 mph head wind will decrease your top speed by approx the same mph 2-5 mph.

Absolutely not!! This will over rev your engine and void your warranty.

No!! This will stall your motor and void your warranty. Never drive a cart full throttle when lead acid batteries are ½ or more depleted, this is the biggest cause of failure to motors. High amp draw with low voltage will melt your motor.

This is a question for your city municipality, also we advise you drive your upgraded cart and motor on private property and offroad use only.

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